“Tarmacadam” “Bitmac” “Black top” “Asphalt” but NOT Tarmac™ as that word is officially owned by the Tarmac Company.

Whatever you call it, it’s the shiny black stuff used mainly for roads and car parks. It has also been used as a cost effective and hard-wearing surface for drives and footpaths across the country.

That is not to say it has not moved with the times as we can now offer a permeable version (no drainage required) and 8 different colours.

Standard black tarmacadam can look special when laid with a decorative border and you can still have white chippings!

Our vast experience in laying tarmacadam in the commercial world including roads, cycle paths, footpaths and car parks we can construct your driveway to the very highest standards. We own and operate the latest plant and equipment and ensure all employees undertake the highest levels of training.


  • Cost Effective
  • Hard Wearing
  • Long Lasting
  • Low Maintenance
  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Permeable Available
  • 8 Different Colours